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Pain Relief for Whiplash to Restore Spinal Wellness

chiropractic care in Ellisville for whiplash.jpgAt Suiter Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor, Dr. Leonard Suiter, has been helping whiplash patients recover from their injuries for years. We are truly focused on helping each and every patient to achieve whole body wellness and relief from pain, and we really do understand just how much of a pain whiplash can be. 

It is caused by a very sudden impact or movement that makes your neck extend forward or back in an unnatural way. This impact, which may happen in a situation like a car wreck, usually only lasts for a matter of seconds. The real pain and problems will develop in the hours and days following the impact. We frequently help patients to recover from this type of injury, and we at Suiter Chiropractic Center make it our mission to restore you to an optimal state of health.

Whiplash Symptoms: Neck Pain, Headaches, and Back Pain

Whiplash symptoms may start right away following the accident or it might take some time. Once the spine is misaligned, problems are inevitable, and painful symptoms will eventually emerge. Some common symptoms include neck pain, headaches, and back pain. It is not uncommon for victims to also have reduced movement in the neck area or in the upper or lower back due to the pain. Impeded movement may also be due to the muscle spasms that often begin when this type of injury happens.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Suiter, is very skilled with chiropractic adjustments that center on healing and wellness. Treatment focuses on relieving the pain and pressure associated with whiplash by gentle spinal manipulations. As the spine is guided back into proper alignment, pressure and pain will quickly begin to dissipate.

We are glad to be here to help whiplash victims. Do you have any questions about treatment?