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Chiropractic Care

Ellisville Chiropractic Care For Health and Wellness

If you are struggling with back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, or other troublesome ailments that limit your ability to enjoy life, you may be in need of Ellisville chiropractic care at our center. If the term "chiropractic" confuses or worries you, relax. Chiropractic treatment is a safe, effective, drug-free way to correct years of suffering, restore lost range of motion, and even ward off a host of illnesses you might assume have nothing to do with your spine - especially when combined with acupuncture as part of an overall wellness program.

Ellisville Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Helps Spinal Alignment and Subluxations

A chiropractor performs a special kind of treatment that shifts the vertebrae of your spine back into their proper alignment. But how did your spine lose its alignment in the first place? A variety of factors can play a role, including birth trauma, a sudden jolt from a personal injury or auto accident, or a degenerative disease such as arthritis. Sometimes a congenital problem makes it impossible for you to stand or walk with normal posture. If one leg is slightly shorter than the other, for instance, you could spend years putting more weight on one side of your body than on the other, throwing your center of gravity off and your spine along with it. The movement of a vertebra out of its proper position is known as a subluxation.

What do subluxations do to your health? First of all, spinal misalignment may well be the cause of your back pain, neck pain, headaches or other chronic pain issues. Misaligned vertebrae can press against nerves and nerve branches, causing a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. For example, sciatica occurs when the major nerves that extend from the lower back to the legs become pinched, causing acute back pain, leg pain, and numbness. Headaches can occur when nerves leading from the spine into the neck become impinged. A chiropractor can relieve that nerve pressure.

Chiropractor Care Can Treat More than Just Back Pain or Headaches

Some people with these problems turn to invasive surgery or addictive painkillers. At Ellisville-Suiter Chiropractic Care, we believe that the body should have a chance to heal itself, naturally. Our methods do not cut into or drug your body - they merely put things back in their proper place, as gently and as precisely as possible, so your own natural healing processes can do the rest.

But adjustments stop more than just pain. Misalignments in the spine can aggravate all kinds of conditions, including asthma, infertility, allergic reactions, and developmental problems in children. This is one reason that our Ellisville chiropractor, Dr. Suiter, considers a patient's entire medical history and current state of health when evaluating the need for treatment. By assessing your entire history and previous conditions, Dr. Suiter is able to make an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

We not only treat acute problems, but we also aim to prevent them through holistic wellness programs. Our combination of adjustments, acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, and other strategies that can help keep you healthier and happier for life. Contact our Ellisville chiropractic office today at 636-227-4378!