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Benefits of Seeking a Chiropractor to Treat a Car Accident Injury

car accident injury treatment from Ellisville chiropractor.jpgNo one wants to think about becoming involved in an auto collision, and certainly, no one plans to suffer from a car accident injury. However, the unfortunate truth is that there are millions of car accidents every year, and those involved in the collisions are often subject to personal injuries that require chiropractic attention to prevent a lifetime of neck pain or back pain.

One of the most common injuries that car accident victims complain of is whiplash. This condition occurs when the neck is abruptly thrust forward and back, compressing or overextending vertebrae in the neck. Although there may be little or no neck pain present immediately following the accident, victims may begin to experience tingling, numbness, pain or a limited range of motion after several weeks. Left unaddressed, the injury can develop into a lifelong condition with other side effects, such as chronic headaches.

Wellness Plans Designed for Pain Management

Here at Ellisville-Suiter Chiropractic Center, Dr. Suiter uses a total body approach to treating auto accident injuries. We believe that when treating whiplash or misaligned vertebrae, the body can benefit from first addressing the subluxations using a series of chiropractic adjustments. We may also recommend alternative therapies to supplement care and help with pain management. For example, acupuncture and massage are each known to help patients manage neck and back pain, and they may improve the body's response to chiropractic treatments.

Ultimately, our chiropractor is concerned with the body's overall wellness, and designs treatment plans customized to deliver relief to patients in pain, while also correcting the underlying condition causing the problem. Furthermore, a continuation of chiropractic care after the body has recovered can help strengthen the musculoskeletal system and prevent another injury from occurring in the future.

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