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Pain Relief and Wellness from Your Ellisville Chiropractor Through Acupuncture

Ellisville acupuncture therapy.jpgHere at Ellisville-Suiter Chiropractic Center we offer the best of two medical schools of treatment with a combination of modern and traditional healing therapies to help you live a pain-free and healthy life. In addition to his hands-on techniques of spinal manipulation and adjustments our chiropractor, Dr. Leonard Suiter, follows a "whole person" approach to healing where he looks for any underlying causes of discomfort and then uses the most appropriate treatment modality to provide relief from back pain, neck pain, or headaches and restore normal functioning. One of the many healing therapies we offer is from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice of acupuncture.

The ancient Chinese believed that all of our illnesses arise from imbalances in our body's natural flow of energy - our xi (pronounced "chee"). By gently inserting and manipulating solid, thin needles at specific locations in the body, Dr. Suiter can help to correct this imbalance, restore the natural flow, relieve pain and improve health. Patients should feel no pain other than minor tingling sensations from the procedure itself and often report highly effective results.

A Total Approach to Healthy Living

In addition to providing Ellisville acupuncture services to relieve back pain, neck pain and headaches, this traditional therapy can also be used to promote a healthier state of modern-day life and well-being. Dr. Suiter is a certified acupuncturist who believes that once pain has been reduced or eliminated, there are many additional steps which can be taken to achieve an overall feeling of health and vitality. Once this ancient healing art is successful at keeping your body's energy in balance, we add to it nutritional counseling, corrective exercises and lifestyle advice so you can take steps at home to engage in the proper mix of diet, exercise and positive thinking.

Do you have any questions about alternatives to Western medicinal therapies? Comment on our blog and we'll be happy to provide further information in future posts. Don't wait to get healthy - contact us and start healing today!