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Sciatica Care From Your Ellisville Chiropractor

Leg and Back Pain? Suspect the Sciatic Nerve

Ellisville chiropractor helps relieve sciatica pain.jpgBack trouble can take many forms, as most of us have had the misfortune to discover at some point in our lives. But if you have sharp, shooting pain that runs from your back down one leg, or inexplicable tingling or numbness in a leg or foot, you may be suffering from a nerve disorder known as sciatica. Fortunately our Ellisville chiropractor, Dr. Suiter, knows how to treat this condition, so at least you know where to go for help.

Let us examine the root of it all. The spine houses a massive central nerve "hub" called the spinal cord, and at various points along the length of it, major nerve roots branch outward into all the smaller nerves that serve the body. One of the most important of these major nerves, the sciatic nerve, runs from the lower back down through the buttock and leg on each side of the body. This entire structure does its job with admirable efficiency until an injury or other medical event allows the vertebrae to slip out of alignment. This misalignment can result in bulging, herniated or damaged vertebral discs, a common cause of pain. It can also stress muscles and pinch local nerves, including the sciatic nerve. An impinged sciatic nerve sends intense pain signals through the lower back into the leg, as well as weird sensations such as tingling or numbness. You may also experience significant weakness in the affected leg or foot.

Adjusting Your Back Pain Away

Chiropractic care relieves your symptoms by removing the stress on the sciatic nerve. We can perform adjustments to realign your vertebrae to their natural position. This technique allows muscle groups to relax, relieves nerve impingement and gives your body a chance to heal any damage. Follow-up "maintenance" adjustments can then help you maintain your overall wellness Contact our office today to arrange an appointment.

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